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Kaikoo Wooden Puhi Paddles

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The Puhi paddle is designed to provide excellent water-catching ability and prevent slippage, allowing paddlers to apply significant pressure without losing control. Its rounded blade tip ensures a smooth entry into the water with minimal disturbance. The construction of the Puhi paddle incorporates a combination of lightweight woods such as Balsa, Cedar, Basswood, and White Pine. These woods help keep the paddle lightweight while maintaining durability. The vertical shaft design enhances strength, providing unmatched reliability during paddling. To further reinforce the blade, carbon fiber and fiberglass mesh are utilized, adding strength and protection. The Puhi paddle features special edging that safeguards the paddle's edge from chipping or cracking, enhancing its longevity. The "D" grip handle not only offers comfort but also provides an ergonomic advantage throughout the stroke, ensuring a comfortable grip for the paddler. The dihedral design of the paddle contributes to its overall strength and stability during the power phase of the stroke. The Puhi paddle is available in both straight and double-bend shaft options, allowing paddlers to choose the configuration that suits their preferences. Additionally, you have the option to customize the color coordination of the edging and Kai Ko'o sticker according to your personal preference. Overall, the Puhi paddle combines advanced design features, quality materials, and customization options to provide paddlers with a high-performance and reliable tool for their water adventures.
Require a different size blade? Let us know during the checkout process. All Paddles can be cut to size.
Kai Ko'o Puhi wooden paddles outriggers


Puhi Paddle

  • Paddle Weight: 18-22oz (weight may very depending on paddle length)
  • Blade Width: 9", 9.25", 9.5"
  • Blade Length: 18"
  • 14 degree bend