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Mocke Waterproof Phone Case

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At Mocke we prioritize paddler safety, therefore, our Cell Phone Dry Bag was designed with specific features to allow communication no matter the conditions. Always take a cellphone with you when paddling offshore – For communication in case of an emergency or capturing a stunning paddling moment. With our 2-step-seal, no moving parts and a fixed lanyard, keeping your cell phone on your person while paddling has never been easier.


  • 100% water proof
  • Fits most large cellphones
  • Allows full phone functionality when sealed i.e. take or make calls “through” the bag
  • Crystal clear camera window allows you to capture epic moments on the water
  • Includes a fixed lanyard for attaching the Dry Bag  to your PFD.
  • No moving parts that can break and no metal that can rust


  • Insert your phone upside down for ease of use when dry bag is hanging around your neck.
  • ALWAYS ensure proper closure of sealing system & check for obstructions that may compromise the seal.
  • Our Dry Bag is made from remarkably strong materials, but can still be damaged through incorrect use. Avoid putting sharp or abrasive objects like keys in your dry bag.


  • After regular contact with salt water wash in soapy water, rinse with fresh water and hang up to dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Test your dry bag on a regular basis by putting something worthless inside and submerging it in a basin to check for possible damage.
  • Tip – Your wet hands could bring moisture into the dry bag. Inserting a moisture protector like  a ball of cotton wool or a packet of silicone balls (found inside new shoe boxes) aids in keeping the inside dry.