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Sorrento Sunglasses VIZE+

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SLEEK SPORTS STYLE IN A FULL-FRAME WRAP-AROUND Lightweight floating frame Multi-layer polarized lens with 12% light transmission Functional metalised coating provides additional contract and clarity out on the water Orange tint ideal for early/late sun and low-angle glare. Sporty wrap around style with smaller lens area, contoured to fit close to your face Optimally sized for medium to larger faces Hydrophobic coating for on-water use Also available in Black (Cyan Lens)


Multi-Layer Lens:

  • TAC lens technology
  • Combination of functional layers
  • Made to international sunglass standards

Hydro-Repellent Layer:

  • Designed to be immersed in water
  • Essential to product longevity

12% Light Transmission:

  • Designed to let less light in than most eyewear
  • Ideal for bright, sunny conditions
  • Reduces eye strain in bright & glary conditions

Grip Detailing (on selected styles):

  • Rubber over moulding on the arms provides additional grip
  • Holds the eyewear in position

Polarized Lenses:

  • Enhances vision when out on the water
  • Enhances the appearance of colours
  • Reduces glare and eye strain

UVA/UVB Protection:

  • UV400 protection
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays

Floating Frames (on Sorrento models):

  • Buoyant foam layer

Polycarbonate Frames:

  • A combination of lightweight strength + durability
  • The perfect material choice for strong, light frames

Metallic Mirror Finish (on Sorrento models):

  • Cyan colour used on the Amber lens
  • Orange colour used on the Smoke lens
  • Provides additional glare reduction