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URU Steering Blade

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In crafting the Uru, Conan drew inspiration from our previous version: Toroa, a longstanding favorite among New Zealand’s steerspeople. With years of experience navigating the waters both in New Zealand and beyond, Conan meticulously refined his vision for the perfect steering paddle. It’s a paddle designed to meet the demands of the water with finesse and effectiveness.
Require a different size blade? Let us know during the checkout process. All Paddles can be cut to size.


  • Width : 9.5″ | 24cm
  • Length : 20.25″ | 51.5cm
  • Offset :
  • Surface area : 146 in² | 940 cm²
  • 3K twill carbon laminated in 45˚ to create best stiffness and deflection.
  • Lightweight PVC foam core
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Infusion carbon fiber rail
  • Inlaid branding
  • High gloss finished
  • Gloss staight timber shaft
  • Carbon T grip