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Vaa Max HOA Carbon Paddles

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The HOA paddle is a premium product known for its lightweight design and excellent flex. Unlike other paddles, its flex is primarily in the blade, not the shaft, resulting in superior impact absorption and eliminating shoulder pain caused by carbon paddles. With its water-repellent film, the blade ensures smooth water penetration. Ideal for sprints and marathons, the Hoa paddle has gained popularity among competitors. It is also available as a steering blade for the helmsmen. Made with an eco-friendly, high-performance epoxy resin derived from renewable plants, the Hoa paddle is manufactured in French Polynesia.
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Carbon outrigger paddle


  • MATERIALS : 12K twill carbon fiber / natural flax fiber / UV-stable bio-sourced resin / water-repellent film / curing at 80° under press / very high resistance to deformation
  • CHARACTERISTICS  : Soft curved S-shaped handle, adjustable / incomparable flex / balance optimized for competition / perfect finish /  HOA© design in limited series / ream weight: 520 g