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Viper Vaa Fushion Paddles

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100% handmade in Tahiti. Built with a bamboo shaft and a carbon fiber blade. Light, strong & very well balanced, it is the best ratio power/flexibility. Available in 9 degree square blade, with a pronounced “scoop effect”, for more power upon water entry, ideal for V6 paddling and training sessions. This model is ideal for a long and powerful pulling stroke (the famous Tahitian “Huti” stroke). Also available in a 10 degree round blade, which offers more subtle water entry when a greater range of paces is needed. Ideal for V1 long distance. This model is ideal for the paddler who frequently varies his or her pace. Water exit is also optimised.
Require a different size? Let us know during the checkout process. All Paddles can be cut to size.
Viper Vaa Fusion Outrigger Paddles


  • Default Blade Size: 24cm x 47.5cm.
  • 450 grams
  • If not in stock, turn around time is 1-2 months.